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Welcome Home to Kappa!!!

Greetings Brother,

If you have been financially inactive or not active with a local chapter for some period of time, take a look at Maywood-Wheaton Alumni Chapter, especially if you live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  Review our website, and take note of our activities which include spending time with Brothers fostering Brotherhood, family events, and enriching our community.  We invite you to attend any of the upcoming activities in shown on our Kalendar  of events.  Maywood-Wheaton is a chapter that works hard for Kappa and plays hard also.  We live by our chapter motto: "True Kappamen: Kappa is who we are, It's what we do!"


Questions about DUES can be answered HERE. If you have additional questions or would like to talk to someone, contact our reclamation chairman, John Smith, or you can

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