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Juneteenth Celeberation

MWAC will be celebrating Juneteenth and as well as our very own Fraternity Brother and Aurora Police Officer, Will Whitfield. 


The Aurora African American Heritage Advisory (AAHAB) will recognize Juneteenth, while supporting the Aurora Police Department's (APD) Black officers striving to build stronger community connections as they host the unprecedented unveiling of the APD Juneteenth Squad Car.


The unique, culturally custom-wrapped vehicle will honor Juneteenth and serve as an educational opportunity for the community as the squad visits Juneteenth events and travels throughout Aurora on regular duty. 


Brother Whitfield also serves as the AAHAB chairman and is the Police Office who had the vision to partner with AAHAB.


Wednesday, June 14, 2023 @ 11 am
APD Headquarters
1200 E. Indian Trail Rd.
Aurora, IL 60505

 #JuneteenthInAurora  #FacingTheRisingSun

William Whitfield Juneteenth.jfif
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